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Pool Closing Description of Services

* Removal of ladders, hand rails, Eyeballs and spa jets

* Drain and Removal of freeze plugs from pump and filter system

* Blow out and plug(Rubber Plug) all underground lines. INC. ANTIFREEZE SKIMMER LINE

* See D.E. Filter Services for discounted service options and savings

* Install Pool Cover and cover pump

* Add Winter Chemicals (Algaecide, Stain & Scale Preventative, and winter shock)

Please have all closing paraphernalia next to pool. If plugs are not next to the pool, we will provide them and you will be billed accordingly. Please call with any questions.

Pool Closing Extras

* Pool vacuuming/cleaning & Leaf Removal is an Option before closing $150.00

per hour.

* Replacement of water bags, pool plugs, safety cover anchors, Gizmos ect.

* Aquador Skimmer Installation

* Reinstalling safety cover straps or springs $299.00

We Carry a full line of Winter covers, and any Pool winter needs that can be

delivered at the time of your closing. Call Now!

 * Pools must have a safety cover (call for pricing if you use a tarp and water bags)

Inground (No spa)starting at                    $400.00  Including Closing chemicals

Inground (With non raised spa) Starting at $500.00   Including Closing chemicals     Inground Line blow out and plug only SERVICE (Call for pricing)

We can modify our services to Accommodate your needs. PLEASE CALL

Pools closed after NOVEMBER 1st add an additional charge

Please lower your water level below your skimer and tile work.

Please call if you have a inground vinyl liner for closing water level

advice. There is a $75.00 charge for us to lowing your water level at

the time of the closing. We do not want to to charge you this fee.

Thank you.