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Vacation Package

Arrangement of a weekend get-a-way, forthcoming business trip, and your child's out of state sporting events are usually the proceedings that happen all throughout the summer months. So the question that remains is who do you trust with the care of your swimming pool? Complete POOL SERVICE offers the solution, with our custom tailored Vacation package.

Vacation Package Includes:

  1. Visual inspection of swimming pool and equipment to insure proper functionality.
  2. All skimmer baskets, pump strainer baskets, and ADR canister baskets will be emptied and cleaned to insure proper water flow.
  3. Confirm proper water level is maintained.
  4. Pool surface will be hand skimmed and pool walls and step areas will be brushed.
  5. Maintain automatic chlorine feeder or chlorine foater.
  6. Maintain filter and pump. Backwash and reset system if necessary.

Above ground per visit $149.00

Inground per visit $200.00

(Any chemicals used will be billed separately)